Meet DeVo

For the Love of the Game

Jordan DeVoir started DeVo Bats out of his love for baseball.   His collegiate and professional baseball experience (New York Yankees) set the standard of excellence, discipline, and quality we hold our products to today.  To this day, Jordan is still personally involved in each and every DeVo bat that goes to market. 

Jordan began manufacturing and using DeVo maple, ash, and birch bats while still excelling as a player.  Through organic, word-of- mouth, local market support and social media, DeVo Bats has grown to serve the needs of  players and teams looking for pro-quality, hand-crafted maple, ash, and birch bats at a competitive price.  

As one of the up-and-coming suppliers of professional-grade wood bats, we take pride in the traditional craftsmanship that goes into every bat we produce.  Any bat with the DeVo logo on it has gone through MLB standard quality and performance checks before reaching your hands.  As a player, Jordan was very particular about the quality and standards of his equipment.  That same commitment to quality goes into every product DeVo produces.  We are confident once you swing DeVo, you'll be DeVoted! 


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